Private Intelligence Agency for the masses

Quick question tonight, I’ll double back a little later:

If you were to create a private intelligence agency that assisted U.S. businesses and citizens working and operating in foreign markets, what would it look like? What would the capabilities be? What would the core competencies be? How would you advise companies and citizens alike on the geopolitical changes, often in near real time, as witnessed in Egypt?



2 Responses to Private Intelligence Agency for the masses

  1. PJ says:

    It would look like unlike any agency that currently exists…rather than feed the info to the business, find out what they need and provide customized and tailored threat information.

    If I was to paint the picture/create the agency, it’d be a comprehensive capability based on client requirements and needs, not vague and non-specific open sourced intel. Someone needs to stratify the info, break it down, and put it into terms the consumer can understand. Step away from maybe and from vague and ambiguous, providing the client what they need to know, with respect to verified threats.

    Private citizens need to know about emerging threats to themselves and their families…what is real and what’s anticipated. This could mean school violence, drugs, crime, medical threats, and home security.

    On the other hand, provide businesses a credible and actionable source of information relative to threat. For example, don’t tell me it’s dangerous to travel to Lebanon. Tell me specifically where I should not go, who to contact in the event of trouble and provide me a tailored checklist of things I should know.

    The agency should be able to contact private security companies overseas and rate effectiveness for corporations to hire in the event they need an additional level of security.

    Provide information on workplace violence and what employers/businesses can do to mitigate the threat of employees exhibiting violent behavior.

    Furnish a source of information for the employer to know about threats to the IT structure, best practices from other companies, new and emerging equipment to help protect personnel and the business.

    In sum, provide something useful, not a volume of recycled threat information gleaned from other web pages or from CNN. Get active, get specific and get engaged. “Preparedness is so much better than response.”

  2. Rodrigo says:

    Relevancy is what matters. As PJ said, it needs to be tailored to specific sets of needs and more detailed than they can find from news or companies like Stratfor that provide more critical analysis.

    Basically, provide intel packages for specific sectors, with contacts for contracting out security problems be it a sweep and pentest of the biz’s information assurance or hiring personal security details.

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